The Van

I love my van! It's a 2011 Nissan Caravan ("Urvan") E25. It's a 3.0L turbo diesel and has really good torque and is cheap as hell on fuel. Yes, it's hardly something that would be a cover car but that doesn't make it any less valuable to me, it's the bread and butter earner and has so many uses. It's one of the best purchases I ever made. For my lifestyle and the industry I work in, it's hard to beat. Surf trips, work, hauling car parts, boards, rubbish, furniture, road trips with sleeping accommodation, such a versatile machine. I will always have a Van in my collection of vehicles. Always. 

Off on one of many surf trips. 90% of the time I would chuck them inside. It can fit a 11ft longboard in there but we had put a bed in the back (pic below) on this particular trip so used the roofracks.

Like the Navara and most of my cars, it's hard work done. White (of course) with black wheels and custom black out touches.

The clean, reliable and grunty 3L turbo diesel.

Column shift, bench seat with fold up armrest compartment, only way to go. 

The business end. Can't get more practical then a box with wheels!

Speaking of business. Accommodation at it's finest haha.