Stealth Jeep Cherokees

I have always liked my Jeeps Cherokees. I always had either and square and basic XJ or the slightly more rounded and modern, WJ Jeep. The WJ's were cool, they had a High Output V8, leather interior with all the modern creature comforts. The XJ's on the other hand, had a simplistic "box" design, limited options but a more aggressive styling que, which I liked. The XJ had a bulletproof 4.0L inline 6 cylinder engine and 4-speed automatic. Plenty of pep and not "too" bad on the gas. Great for fishing, mucking around, hauling parts, daily driving... a real paddock basher! The WJ on the other hand had a 4.7L high output V8 with 5-speed automatic and was shit on gas but thanks to the V8 torque could out launch a Subaru and take it up to 60kph before the Subbie would fly past. Not biased, I owned Subarus and used to race my mates.

I've owned 2 XJs, my Dad 1. I've owned 2 WJs, my Dad 1. So between us we've enjoyed our time with them. We ALWAYS made them "stealth" machines, well before it was "all the rage". Once a solid black one was purchased, it would be stock for around 1-2 hours before we started to mod it haha, no joke! VHT tail lights and blackout work, 2-3" lift kit, bigger tyres, black steel rims, bull bar with Hella spotlights with "black face", tints and head light covers. It didn't take too much to make these look tough. They are one of the vehicles I would still buy. In fact, I have "XJ Jeep Cherokee" in my Trade-Me searches to this day. If I see a good black one, I will probably hit the buy now!

My old 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland 4.7L V8.

With the headlight covers removed revealing the custom black headlights.

The highly option WJ Jeep Grand Cherokee interior.

The 4,700cc donk. 

Always had to have tints. 5% / limo with 35% up front.

The black face Hella spotlights were always a nice touch.

A beautiful design but very terrible gas milage. Around 380km a tank. Yikes!

Talk about "stealth" or "murdered out" as some would say.

My Jeep with 2" lift, 31s and stealth vs. my Dad's stock Jeep.

My Dad wanted a little bit different than mine. Love the plate!!! 

Yes, that's a legit plate, not a display / show vanity tag.

One of my first magazine "appearances". I won a little Meguiars car care pack and car of the month in NZV8 for the WJ Jeep.

My favourite of all the Jeeps. My old 1995 XJ Jeep Cherokee Sport with a 4.0L I6. It was the first Jeep I ever purchased and all the mods were just bang on. Stealth. 

It made for a fantastic daily driver and at the time, a great fishing machine. 

Headlight covers off.

Headlight covers on.

I am positive that one day, I will own another XJ setup exactly like this.

It's safe to say, we love our Jeeps. If you're after a cheap, reliable, thrasher, get one. The only ever issue we had with all of ours, apart from fuel consumption in the WJs (haha) that one of the front windows froze. Apart from that. With regular maintenance, these will last forever.