Golf R

These little rockets are so much fun to drive, I had to get another one. Absolute driving pleasure! I reluctantly sold my pervious R to help fund a large business asset. At the time, I vowed, I would buy another one when I had the spare cash but next time... in my preferred vehicle colour, White. Little did I know, it would literally, be 6 weeks later!

A rare R popped up on Trade Me which was also local. It was a White 2011 Golf R MK6 and what really set it apart from 90% of the other Golf's is the extremely rare, factory option, Recaro leather bucket seats. It also had every other option like; DCC (Dynamic Chassis Control) allowing the driver to change the feel and suspension of the car between either Comfort, Normal and Sport as well as the Premium sound system. To top it all off, it only had 64,000km on the odometer. SOLD.

In stock form, the 2.0L TSI engine pumps out an impressive 199kw (266hp) and 258lb-ft (350nm) of torque. The 2.0L 4 cylinder Volkswagen engine with AWD mated to the famous DSG (Direct Shift Gearbox) aka double clutch gearbox, is extremely addictive and insanely responsive. INSTANT rally type shifts up and down with the WRC *POP* between shifts. It delivers power to the ground via the Haldex four-wheel drive system which is exceptional. Stock 0-100kph times are 5.7sec with the manual and slightly quicker with the DSG box at 5.5sec. The Golf R's main competition on the road or "rivals" are similar turbo powered cars, mainly the Subaru WRX / Legacy, the Mitsubishi Evo and the Ford Focus RS. 

The R has subtle cosmetic upgrades like genuine R8 coils and plugs, black 19" Motegi Racing wheels (flow formed - light weight), Nexen N8000 tyres, hardwired Valentine 1 radar and paddle shifter extensions. Performance wise is a different story. Custom TVS Stage 2+ ECU software tune, custom TVS Stage 2+ DSG tune, full turbo back BCS Powervalve WRC Rev II exhaust system with 100 cell highflow cat, IE cold air induction system, Autotech high pressure fuel pump kit, RS4 130psi return valve and the intake manifold received carbon cleaning and walnut blasting for better flow and fuel consumption. With the ECU upgrades and bolt on hardware, the VW pumps out an estimated 370-380hp (275-285kw) and 380-390lb-ft (515-530nm) of torque. That combined with it's lightweight compact design, double clutch gearbox and AWD make this little machine a rocket!

When buying my Golf R's, money was never an issue and I still chose to purchase the MK6 over the MK7 or MK8. MK6 was the only option for me. The most aggressive front and arse end of the Golfs in my opinion. The MK7 lost it's aggressive look, it became softer. The MK6 like a few other generations of Golf will for me, always be a sought after model. Big front vents, simplistic but effective cockpit WITH an old school handbrake lever, bucket race seats and fantastic tuning performance. As cars/Golfs continue to go pointy, square and "modern", this curvy car, for me, is and always will be, the last of the great Golf body styles and in my opinion, the best of all Golf generations. A rally style, performing and sounding car for the road. A wolf in sheep's clothing. Well done Volkswagen, well done.