Daily Drivers

We all need and drive them more than our "special toys". Very few people drive their toys "daily" and even then, the definition is blurred. For me, driving a Hemi Challenger or a Viper powered V10 Batram while doing everyday activities is not something I do. I drive them often, yes, but leaving my Challenger R/T at PaknSave or outside Hoyts cinema on the main street while I watch a 2 hour long movie is just not something I do or want to do. I couldn't enjoy the movie, that's for sure!

Enter, the daily drivers. Just because they have such a label, it doesn't mean they can't be cool! Below are some of my old daily drivers, my first car, second car and some of my old Subarus including my old "sounds" car. Such good times in these. Hooning around with the mates while they drink and smoke weed, doing laps around town, surf trips galore, road trips around New Zealand, some awesome memories. Some are fast, some were economical and most never even turned heads... perfect!! 

My first car. A 1995 gun metal grey, 1.8L, Nissan Primera. My parents were the best and got me this to "help" keep me in school at the time. Did it work? No. During my school years, it was pretty well known. I put around 120,000km on it in 2-3 years haha. I used it... a lot. Last I heard it was painted brown and is now de-registered in the Wairarapa. Thanks lil car! 

So many surf trips during school, cruises with the mates around the city streets at night, road trips, such a good little first car. Never had one issue with it. Ever. 

My second car. A 1999 Subaru GTB Wagon. It had a 2.0L twin turbo engine and twin sunroofs. That was one of my faves for sure. Going from a NA 1.8L to a 2L TT was so much fun. Many surf and booze trips in this machine. That started me off on the Subaru BH wagons. This wouldn't be my last... far from it. I wouldn't buy any more as I've "grown up" from these but I have owned 4 of them. My family 5 Subarus in total.

A big fan of DB Draught in my youth / early to mid twenties. I still stick to my DB Breweries products out of principle and past allegiance. I had every bit of memorabilia you could have, key chains, DBDRFT license plate, coolers, pocket knives, me and my cousin could drink and we known for our passion of DB Draught.

A typical weekend away for me and my cousin. A two man wrecking crew haha. Wagon, booze, smokes, rock 'n roll. Good times indeed. 35-50 beers each a night, a couple of packs of cigarettes each per night, messy drunk and often troublesome shit but I wouldn't change a thing! Great memories. I couldn't even do 1/4 that now and don't want to. I've grown up and moved well on from that lifestyle. 

Our 1991 Nissan Navara V6. Plenty of grunt for 4WD built back then. So many fishing trips and rough and tough jobs. We sold it with around 200,000+km on the clock 15 years ago. I still see the same builder and his trailer using it. Again, a testament to Nissans build quality and workhorse nature. 

My 2001 Nissan AD 2.1L diesel wagon. What a little tank this was. Never any issues. Reliable and extremely economical to run. 

Popping up to Gisborne for a surf trip. Sweet as!

A service station... one place this thing didn't see too much of! 

531km, down, still half a tank left. When I owned this, diesel was as low as $0.93 cents a liter. $40-$45 to fill it, over a 1,000km from it. Owning V8 cars is obviously not economical and most guys with similar muscle cars are like "if you can't afford the gas, you can't afford the car!" but I don't care who you are, no one will say, "oh, that's too cheap for gas... can I pay more?" haha. $1 is $1.

One of my two old stealth Subarus. This is a 2000 Subaru Legacy GT-B.

Parked up looking stealth.

It was lowered and had 18" satin black DTM Kalibers mags.

One of my old plates: DBDRFT. My and my cousin were the biggest DB Draught fans in the world. I had all the paraphernalia. Chilly bins, clothes, key chains, knives, collector cans and bottles, you name it, I had it. I don't drink often now, maybe once or twice a year for a special occasions but nothing like my extremely wild youth. 

My old 2001 Subaru Legacy GT-B "sounds car".

VHT lights, black on black on black. 

The interior, note the custom tweeter in the pillar post. 

The Pioneer flip out touch screen head unit. At the time, this was and felt very high tech haha!  OK, let's look at the sounds!

The gear ready to be professionally installed. 

The set up. 3 x Phoenix Gold RSDc-124 12" subs. I wanted a extremely loud and clean system but still want a useable space so had them box it up perfectly. 

3 x Phoenix Gold RSD1200.1 RSd Class D Monoblock Amplifiers. These had 1,200rms EACH. 1 amp powered one sub so these things were fully loaded with juice. These were custom installed on a fabricated metal plate hidden inside the spare wheel well with cooling fans and everything. The system was pumping 143.7db. Not bad for just a daily driver haha. 

From the front.

The Tsunami capacitor was hidden where the jack used to go. Yes, no spare wheel or jack. Instead, I had to have a "Fix-a-Flat" can. Never used it but I heard they work good. I also ran other Phoenix Gold Elite TI6 components etc. I love PG gear.

Tidy, hidden with still heaps of usable space. I miss those sounds and plan to get some good sounds in another car soon, maybe not QUITE as hardcore though haha.