Ford Falcons

2003 Ford Falcon XR8 AUIII - My first Ford and second V8 after the Challenger. My V8 passion kicked in and I wanted a daily driver with that some power and sound. This thing was one fun car. It was silver, had black interior, auto and a 5.0L V8. Easy to drive, basic and it defintely had a nice sound. One of the easiest cars to do burnouts in. Ever. Lit up with ease and had a really light rear end. It had around 21,000km when I got it and was an AUIII (top of the line) and in my personal opinion, one of the nicest condition models that was in the country (see photos below). Lovely car. I'd love to buy another in that spec.... but a few projects before that gets to the front of the line.  

In the end, I made a "mufti cop car" out of it. My first real go out a "theme" and customisation I guess. It had "fake" blue and red lights inside the front and rear windows, big police scanner on the dash with CB radio all very visible from outside the car, extra antennas, black steel rims, etc. Was fun! I used to park on the highway and follow people around for kicks hahaha. I was just driving so nothing illegal, but the people in the cars would still triple check their mirrors and drive like I were a cop. Good harmless fun!

2003 BA Ford Falcon XR8 - My second Falcon. This was a fun hoon car. Simple, big and heavy with a 5.0L V8 and 4-Speed automatic. Your typical 4-door Australian built Coon. My Dad also owned one at the time. He had a 2004 version with a "Shaker" (no, not a Mopar one) sticking out through the hood. Back then, when these were fairly new, his one got a fair bit of attention. When I used to go out drinking and Dad would drop me and my mates off at the pub, etc, they'd always ask him to "Floor it Jimmy!" when taking off, he never let them down haha! 

Although I'd never buy another XR8 saloon, I would contemplate getting a Falcon Ute. Why? Utes are f#%ken cool!! It's a down under thing. A man thing I guess. Holdens are nice too but given I have a little history with Fords and never owned a Holden, that's the only reason I'd stick to a Falcon. Ford and Holden fans understand. Plus, sadly, Holden is no more. Having said that, I'd probably just buy another Dodge Ram if I want a Ute/pick up. Nothing came close to the Batram for utes. Made even the "baddest" of HSV Maloos look tame. 

2002 Ford Falcon T3 TS50 - The last Ford I ever purchased, no reason behind it, just the way my path took me. This car was a special edition Falcon with a beautiful sounding hand built stroked Windsor engine. Mine was build # 51. It had a 5.6L V8 with a T56 5-Speed manual box. The car produced 250kw and 500nm of torque and from the styling cues, large rear wing and drivetrain, it was fairly obvious that the designers were inspired from the V8 Super Car series. It had around 25,000km on the clock when I purchased it.

Mine was liquid Silver in colour with a black leather interior, it had a premium sound system and Brembo brakes. I had the bulge hood fitted to give the "slopey" or "narrow" pinched front end a more aggressive "Squarer" look. It was 1 of 7 Manuals sold new in New Zealand (all colours) and the engine cover was signed by: Jamie Whincup, John Bowe & Craig Lowndes in 2006. A very cool car and the best sounding of the 3 Fords I owned, followed closely by the good ole AUIII.

My old 2003 Ford Falcon XR8 AUIII 5L V8.

My first few attempts at customising / themes. An "undercover", "mufti" or "plain clothes" cop style car complete with hidden blue / red lights, big scanner on dash, antennas, etc. It was good harmless fun and a great car.

A shape you either hate or love. Has much bigger following downunder (Fords vs. Holdens) etc. Hoon cars for sure lol.

My old "DB Draught" plate. Got switched around a few cars in it's life. Good times.

The beautiful sounding Tickford.

One very basic interior. A cruiser with bite.

My old 2003 BA Ford Falcon XR8

My Dad's 2004 BA MKII Ford Falcon XR8 with "Shaker" setup.

My old 2003 Ford Falcon T3 TS50

The large "V8 Super Cars" inspired rear wing or "spoiler".

The big red Brembo brakes showing their faces. This was pre-bulge hood.

The styling is something you either like, or you don't. I do.

The TS50's cockpit. 

The engine cover signed by: Jamie Whincup, John Bowe & Craig Lowndes.