Engine Build

The 440ci 4bbl Magnum was completely overhauled, stripped, cleaned, honed and re-bored. At the time, all I wanted was a reliable and factory spec engine. Nothing radical, just a smooth and economic engine with the same kind of power as factory (375hp / 480lb-ft). Being the numbers matching engine, I didn't want to beef it up too much so opted to stay relatively stock. The TorqueFlite-727 automatic transmission was also fully rebuilt and restored with a performance shift kit and custom stall converter. The engine build specs and camshaft sheet are at the bottom of this page.

The tired 440ci Magnum needing a much deserved rebuild.

The engine back from the engine shop after it's full rebuild. 

The refreshed and machined original heads and intake manifold.
Next.. time to paint!

During the paint process. 

From the side. A few more bits to go, mainly the sump.

From the rear...

The rebuilt Torqueflite-727 transmission ready to be mounted to the 440.

The k-frame being readied for the engine / transmission.

Done! All the bolt-ons, headers, valve covers, trans, carb, air cleaner all trial fitted and mounted to the k-frame. 

A work of art! Alright... let's mount and fit this masterpiece in the Drivetrain Install

440ci Magnum Build Specs / Work:


Refaced Block

Crank Grind

New Billet Camshaft

Hydraulic Lifters

Gasket Set

New Pistons ("0.30")

Big End Bearing Set ("0.20")

Main Bearing Set ("0.20")

Camshaft Bearings

Timing Gear Kit

Oil Pump

Con Rod Bolt Kit

Piston Rings

Crank Damper

Strip, Clean & De-choke Head

Crack tested excellent

Reface Seats

Valve Inlet

Valve Exhaust

Valve Guide "K" Liner

Valve Springs

Valve Keeper Set

Spring Retainers

Valve Stem Seal

Reface Head

CC Head

Vac test Valves, Assemble Head