Below are some historic photos of my Challenger before I purchased her along with information about when and where. Although the quality is a little poor, it's really awesome to see these photos and try to piece together where she had been and what she had been doing. Any owner of classic cars appreciates this stuff and I am no different. If you have any photos or info on my car, if you could contact me, that would be awesome! Thanks!

The Challenger racing down the 1/4 mile. Her time was: 13.90 @ 108mph (not too bad for stock and nearly 50 years ago!). This photo was taken at Smokey Hollow Dragway in 1973. Julian was the second owner of the Challenger and a very nice guy indeed. He was kind enough to contact me to talk about the car and her history and sent me several photos. Thanks once again Julian!

Parked at Levels Speedway (Christchurch) 1973 where the car did 148mph at red line with 3.55:1 gears. Julian said she wouldn't go any faster. The sign-writing and sponsorship are just decals and were later removed. Julian stated that the 5th owner painted the Challenger Alpine white and added the "Mad Max" looking rear wing, late 1978 or 1979.

Outside one of Julian's friend's houses in 1975. This is the first time I saw Lucy in her factory correct B5-Blue paint, vinyl top and body side mouldings, very awesome to see! Albeit a nice colour combo, B5-Blue exterior & interior, I've never been into the colour blue, just not for me but to each their own though!

Corner of Lincoln Road & Nairn Street, Christchurch, 1978. Taken the same day that she was sold to her 4th private owner, someone called Rodney "Bloggs".

Setting up to tackle the 1/4 mile. I assume this is "Levels Speedway", Christchurch, 1973.

B5 Blue and sitting pretty. The following 2 photos were sent to me from another previous owner, Lyn (male) "Bloggs".

Lyn's wife lost control on the motorway and got clipped by a truck's bumper. She was eventually repaired and on the road again.

The Challenger on show at the 1985 or 1986 Palmy Swap-meet. Now alpine white but still with the vinyl top and body side moldings.

Parked up at what was once "Thunderpark Raceway" in Hastings. The year was either 1986 or 1987.

The B5 Blue interior with bench seat (non-factory) and column shift.