540ci Hemi Build & Specifications

Keith Black - 540 custom Aluminium Hemi Block
Keith Black - Hydraulic Modify for hydraulic lifters
StageVHeads2 Aluminium Head Upgrade
Cyl. Head Hardware Package
2.25" Bead Lock Intake Valve
1.90" Bead Loc Exhaust Set
1.510/128-357 Nascar Spring
1.550" Spring Seat Cup
1.550 Steel Retainers
.308" 10 degree Bead Locks
5/16 x .500 Valve Seals each
Milodon Low Profile 7qt. Street/Strip Oil Pan
Milodon Low Profile Oil Pickup
.308"x .115" Lash Cap
Eagle 4.250" 2.20" Stroke Race Hemi Crank
Short crank bolt each
Stainless Block Hardware
Intermediate Shaft Steel Stnd
Race BBC Rod Bearings
Hemi Top Fuel Main Brgs
Custom Hydraulic Special Order Mild Flat Tappet Camshaft
Hemi Hydraulic Lifter Set
Race Hardened Pushrods
FHO Custom Forged Lightweight Pistons
Speed-Pro 4.500 Rings
FHO H Beam .990x2.200 Race Rod
Cometic-Custom Multi-Layer Race Head Gasket
Champion 415 RN9Y Spark Plugs
Racing Oil H.P. Race Engine
Amsoil Chrysler Oil filte
Timing Cover
Full Radius Valve Job
Cut Spring Seats/Pockets
Balance Crank and Assembly
Resurface Head
Street Port Heads
Pro-street Tool Steel Pins
FHO Billet 9 Position Gear Set
Trial Fit/Assemble Hemi
Engine Bags, Plastic Engine Covers
Deburr/CK10 finish hone/wash
The Right Stuff
Crank Woodruff Key 1
FHO Billet Rocker Stands
FHO Shafts H.D. Rocker Shaft Set
Rocker Arm Shims
StageV1.6IR Stage V 1.6 Intake Rocker
StageV1.6ER Stage V 1.6 Exh. Rocker
Black Wrinkle Valve Covers
Street Harmonic Balancer
Stage V Intake 2x4 Single Plane Intake
Hemi Billet Distributor
426 Hemi Ign. Wire Seals
Stock Appearing 8MM Black Wires
FHO Inline Linkage Billet Stage V Linkage/Brackets
Water Pump Housing
Aluminum Water Pump High Flow
Engine Dyno Test Engine/tune EFI


Twin Throttle Body EFI System
Twin Throttle Bodies - Custom
FHO Stage V intake for injectors
FHO Bungs and fuel rails
FHO EFI 42# Injector
FHO EFI Throttle Body Spacers
BigStuff3 EFI Complete system w/wiring


Aeroquip Performance Pro #8 Hose Line
Aeroquip Performance Pro #8 Straight Hose End
Aeroquip Performance Pro #8 90 Degree Hose End
Aeroquip Performance Pro #8 Flare to 1/2" Pipe
Aeroquip Performance Pro #10 Flare to 1/2" Pipe
#8 to #10 O-Ring Fitting
Aluminum Fuel Block
EFI 50# Fuel Pressure Gauge
Inline Fuel Filter
EFI & Carb 500 LBS fuel pump
FHO Adjustable Regulator
FHO Baseplate for Stage V Intake
FHO Bracket Stage 5 Baseplate Bracket Z
FHO Lid Oval Breather Lid
K&N-E-1980 Hemi Air Filter
Hemi-Cradle Engine Storage Cradle
Billet Fuel Pump Bracket
Griffin Hemi Replica Aluminum 26" Radiator
March Serp Alt & PS pulley system/brackets
70/71 E-Body Hemi Motor Mounts
#10 tank to regulator fuel line
Flexalite18" OE Replacement Fan
Flexalite Fan Spacer
TTI Hemi 2 1/8" Hemi Headers
Hemi Billet Distributor (incl with engine)
Hemi Black Wires (incl with engine)
426 Hemi Ign. Wire Seals
Black Wire Separators
MSD6420 6AL with rev limiter
CVR Mopar 1.9 HP Starter
Saginaw Chrome PS Pump AC
Chrysler BB Serp Pol. Alt
Powdercoat Coat all front engine brackets, pulleys
Notes P.S. pump etc in black
Hose End #10 Straight
#10 Fuel Cell bulkhead
OEM appearing upper & lower radiator hose

Tech Specs:

Block Casting:   KB Aluminum Street Water Block
Block Machining:   Block machined to specs
Block de-burred & pushrod holes enlarged
CK10’d with deck plates to final bore size.
Deck Height:  10.725”
Bore Size:  4.505”
Stroke:  4.250”
Pistons:  Custom CP Forged 10 to 1 Compression Job #72604
Compression Distance:  1.49”
Clearance:  .006” Measured ½” up from skirt, 90 degrees from pin
Pins:  CP Tool steel .990” x 2.930”
Locks:  Tru-Arcs (double)
Rings:  1/16x1/16x3/16” Custom Gapped CML9190-255
Ring Gaps:  Top .019”,   2nd  .018”, Oil .020”
Crankshaft:  Ohio Forged 4.250” Stroker
Crankshaft Machining:  Balanced & polished
Crank Journals:  2.1995”
Crank Mains:  2.7492”  M142  ¾ Groove Bearings
Crank Clearances:  End play:  .004”
Mains:  .0025”
Rods:  .0025”
Side Clearance:  .022”
Connecting Rods:  FHO 7.100” H beam
Rod Prep:  Balanced and bushed from manufacturer
Rod Bolts:  Torque to 60lbs. with moly
Pickup to oil pan:  .125”
Camshaft:  Competition-Cams custom Hydraulic Roller  240-244-112
Theoretical lift at 0 lash
Intake:  .566”  Exhaust- .533”
Cam Centerline:  112 degree installed centerline
.035” shim upper gear for alignment
Valve Lash:  O Lash plus ½ turn
Heads:  Stage V Aluminum Replacement
Head Machining:  Hone Bronze-alloy guides, full-radius valve job, surfaces machined, open up bowls & street porting
Combustion Chamber:  172 cc
Head Gasket:  .051” Cometic Multi-Layer
Valves:  2.25” Manley Stainless Intake - 1.90” Manley Stainless Exhaust
Seats:  Intake- .040”x 45 Full Radius and 060” x 45 Full Radius Exhaust
Face:  .080” x 45
Valve to Valve:  .265”
Valve Springs:  Comp-Cams #929 Doubles with damper. CC741-16 Retainers
Installed Height:  1.880” @ 140 lbs. Seat pressure
Keeper to Guide Clearance:  .750”Plus  Manley 10 Degree Locks. 307.5” exhaust/308.5” intake
Clearance to Coil Bind:  .130”Plus
Valve Guides:  Bronze Alloy .0018” Intake and .0022” Exhaust Clearance
Valve Seals:  CC509-16 Viton
Piston to Head Clearance:  Minus .010” outer ring without gasket
Valve Clearance:  .200” plus intake and .300” plus exhaust
Rockers:  Stage V Stainless 1.6 ratio roller rockers
Push Rods:  Manton Custom 3/8”HD - Intake OAL = 9.900”   Exhaust OAL = 10.700”
Intake Manifold:  Stage V Inline
Intake Machining:  Port match- install injector bungs
Compression: 10 – 1


Engine HP = 660hp (492.1kw) @ 5,700rpm
Engine Torque = 632.7lb-ft @ 4,700rpm

Estimated Rear Wheel HP = 561rwhp
Estimated Rear Wheel KW = 420rwkw
Estimated Rear Wheel Torque = 537.8rwT

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